Caring for Fire Damaged Storage Devices


Hope for devices damaged by fire depends on how you handle them upon recovery. If the devices are adequately controlled, you have a chance to recover your data. Here is how you ought to treat some of the standard tools used for data storage.

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

We spoke to a data recovery company in orlando, they told us that for the hard disk, its everything is based on its alignment to the head where reading devices have to get to the stored data. And alterations to the arrangement can cause data loss. When the drive and controller card is burnt that direct the head on where to check for information, replacing is the first remedy you have. However, it should be handled by an expert, and you should avoid connecting the HDDs to any computer upon recovery from the fire incident.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

For the SSD all your information is stored in a secure memory chip. Though the silicon materials used to make the SSDs can withstand high temperatures, always take the revered drive to a technician who will assess the damage and start the recovery process.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets have taken the role played by desktops and laptops in office operations. Some of these devices can allow you not access to data but editing and sending of the said to changes to other users. However, in case your device is destroyed by fire, assess the integrity of the memory chip and take it to a technician. However, do not try to switch the device on or connect it to a source of power at can short circuit causing irreversible damage. Besides, each case needed to look at independently and avoid making assumptions.

Damaged Micro-SD cards and Camera

For the thumb drives and camera devices, the most important part to check is the flash memory chip. Though a casing maybe pretty melted, the flash chips could have survived. Just take the damaged device to a technician for successful restoration.